1. PC Clients support (Format and setup (windows, programs)).
  2. Printers/Scanners Setup and Configuration through Computer Network or other
  3. Supply All User Software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat …) 
  4. Support Local Computer Network and Internet connections 
  5. Servers and Systems Setup, Configuration, and support 
  6. Setup Antivirus Server, and Security Software Service (from hacking and viruses …etc) 
  7. Manage and build backup strategy for Data and Systems. 
  8. Consultation service for best solution upon request. 
  9. Hosting All Backup Data on our Servers (site Disaster recovery).


Technical support mechanism:

  1. 9-17 help-desks with next business day reaction (Palestine Time).
  2. On Site maintenance for any problem needs that. 
  3. Remote support through Remote Desktop program, Phone, Mobile, Email, and Skype.